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Active therapy dogs

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Active therapy dogs

SemperFitulsa, Newfoundland 055
Therapy and Service Dog
 Judy Lucia; Interlachen, Florida

SemperFi Gunnery, Newfoundland 097
Judy Lucia

Cruiser, Golden Retriever 056
Therapy and service dog
Mary Townsend; East Palatka, Florida
Chance, Nova Scotia Duck Toller
                 Retriever 067
Therapy and service dog
Mary Townsend; East Palatka, Florida
Copper, Nova Scotia Duck Toller
                 Retriever 083
Therapy and service dog
Mary Townsend; East Palatka, Florida

Sam, Lab 052
Therapy Dog
Bianca Durachko, Jacksonville, Florida
Maggie, Newfoundland Therapy Dog 064
Laurel Toft; Powhaton, VA
Triton,Newfoundland Therapy Dog 065
Rhonda Brunning; Davenport, Iowa
General, Newfoundland Therapy Dog 066
Rhonda Brunning; Davenport, Iowa
Adam, Newfoundland Therapy Dog 068
Samantha, Newfoundland Therapy 069
Panda, Newfoundland Therapy Dog 070
Jeannie and Gary Grosch;
               Greenville, Ohio
Rory, Newfoundland Therapy Dog 074
Lynn Nuss; Lloyd Harbor, N.Y.
Boone, Lab Therapy Dog 076
Dusty Rose , Shepherd/ Saluki Therapy 005
PJ and Doris Marek; Palm Coast, Florida
Tucson, Golden Retriever Therapy Dog 077
Betsy McDonald; New Port Richey, Fl
Varg, Newfoundland Therapy Dog 078
Marla Bozarth; Wenonah, NJ 08090
William, Standard Poodle Therapy Dog 079
Simone, Standard Poodle Therapy Dog 080
Naomi De Cristo; Silver Springs, Fl
Deacon, Newfoundland Therapy Dog 081
Susan Garrett; Gulf Breeze, Florida
Max, Newfoundland Therapy Dog 082
Linda Jones; Circleville, NY

Gunny, Newfoundland therapy dog 084
Annette Haggerty; Delran, N.Y.
Koda,Newfoundland therapy dog 085
Lori Korzen; Berlin, N. H.
Princess,Yorkshire Terrier therapy 086
Jane, Yorkshire Terrier therapy dog 087
Trudy Syker; Ocala, Florida

Captain Stubby; Yorkshire Terrier 090
Abbie; Yorkshire Terrier 091
Maggie; Yorkshire Terrier 092
Memphis Bell; Yorkshire Terrier 093
Lady Guinevere; Yorkshire Terrier 094
Pandora; Yorkshire Terrier 095
Elaine Graves; Apison, Tennessee

Rudy; Pomeranian 100 Sunshine Therapy Dog
Patricia Shivery; Inerlachen, Florida

Akira; Newfoundland therapy dog 099
Patricia Weldon; Farmingdale, N.Y.

Roger; Newfoundland therapy dog 101
Merlin; newfoundland therapy dog 102
Jane and Dan Pollan; North Massapequa, N.Y.

Scott Austin; Algoma WI.
Sailor, Newfoundland
Sunshine Therapy Dog 112

AKC therapy dog 115
Owned by Judy Lucia
Interlachen Fl
Sunshine Independent Dog
Trixie 129
owned by Kasey and David McAdams
Interlachen Fl
Sunshine Therapy Dog 130
owned by Mary Townsend
east Palatka Fl
Devlin 122
Sunshine Independent Dog
Owned by Karen Henson

Nick 129
Sunshine Independent and Therapy Dog
AKC therapy dog
owned by Judy Lucia, Dawn Blaine and Dawn Gallo